The Brabant village OisterwijK and Operation Market Garden

This book is dedicated to the Dutch village Oisterwijk in the province of North Brabant during the Second World war.  

The book is the result off a neighbour asking me to do research on a few aircraft crashes in Oisterwijk during World War Two.

In this book one will read in short about the allied operations Market Garden and Pheasant and the aircraft that crashed in and around Oisterwijk.

Also a special focus goes out to the period of the liberation of Oisterwijk in october of 1944.

Many pictures support the story that is told in this book.



Peter van der Linden                                   

Oisterwijk, 22-09-2009


© Peter van der Linden, 2009


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Het Brabantse dorp Oisterwijk en Operatie Market-Garden